Book Coaching Helps You Overcome Barriers

Book coaching services help you finish the book or novelDo you need some help with your book? Don’t understand how to publish it or just running out of time and energy to learn what to do? Do you want your book to be as professionally produced possible? Perhaps you need some book coaching from an expert.

Sometimes even just a thirty minute or hour long coaching call where you can get your questions answered quickly and efficiently is all you need to get over a tough spot or get past a roadblock.

The Writing King’s book coaching service can help you with virtually any aspect of writing, publishing and promoting your book.

Writing Your Book

Do you need help writing your book? Need someone to bounce ideas off of or to critique your work and give you honest feedback? The Writing King book coaching services can help!

Getting Your Book Published

Trying to get through the process to publish a book on Kindle, in paperback, on audiobook, and even in hardcover can be a depressing and exasperating process. Take advance of the knowledge and experience of the team a The Writing King to get you over the publishing hump today.

Promoting Your Book

Getting your book to sell can be an frustrating and demoralizing experience. I know the feeling of seeing zero sales day after day. The marketing experts at The Writing King can give you the advice to help you get  your book sales moving.

Building Your Author Platform

Confused about how to get the word out about your book? Do you want to create a blog but don’t know how? Our book coaching service can help.

Writing Your Amazon Description

Wondering what to write for your book description, what keywords to use, and whether or not to defined a book series or publishing company? Hire The Writing King’s book coaching experts to give you advice on how to “fill in the blanks” to make it more likely your book will sell.


Don’t keep bashing your head against a wall, trying to figure out some obscure problem you’re having publishing your book. Contact The Writing King today to discuss how our book coaching services can help  you.