12 Incredible Strategies to Boost Your Personal Brand by Blogging

Boost your personal brand with a blog

How to write a blog, blogging for personal brandingYour personal brand serves as a mirror to your professional and personal identity. With a myriad of branding strategies at your disposal, finding a starting point to boost your personal brand can be daunting. Nevertheless, one avenue outshines the rest – blogging. In the sea of social media platforms, focusing on a few major ones such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help streamline your efforts.

However, this shouldn’t detract from the reality that building a powerful personal brand entails consistent and diligent work. It calls for regular content creation, interaction with your audience, and a proactive approach to promoting your brand. This might seem like an arduous task, but with patience, dedication, and hard work, you can cultivate a loyal audience and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Keeping your content organized and manageable is crucial for maintaining control over your branding efforts, especially given the numerous social media platforms available for content posting. Having a central hub for all your content not only keeps you organized but also allows you to prioritize and focus on what truly matters – boosting your personal brand.

This is where the power of blogging comes in. A well-crafted blog centered around your personal brand can significantly enhance your professional reputation, offering an online platform to showcase your brand. Incorporating elements such as articles, promotional materials, contact information, and links to your other social media profiles can turn your blog into a one-stop destination for all things related to your brand.

By thoughtfully curating and organizing your content on your blog, you can direct traffic from other social media platforms back to your blog. This centralization of content provides your audience with easy access to your wealth of content, enhancing their experience and further boosting your personal brand.

Journeying through the Branding Labyrinth

Journeying through the Branding LabyrinthThe promotional options today are vast, often inducing a sense of bewilderment. Amplifying your chances of success often involves streamlining your efforts towards major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. However, the imperative truth remains that constructing a robust personal brand necessitates consistent endeavors. Regular posting of pertinent content, engaging reciprocation with your audience, and effective brand marketing requires an investment of time, unwavering dedication, and laborious efforts.

Harnessing the Power of Efficient Content Management

With a variety of social media platforms at disposal for posting your content, it’s often an uphill battle to stay organized. Thus, it becomes quintessential to devise a system for efficient content management. If you’re seeking to retain control over your content and stay organized, setting up a central hub for your content creation efforts is indispensable. Such a system not only helps maintain an orderly content regimen but also facilitates easier access and management of content.

Leveraging Blogging to Boost Your Personal Brand

A meticulously crafted blog, oriented around your personal brand, emerges as an ideal solution. It operates as a repository for your work, enabling you to prioritize and concentrate on facets that matter the most. A blog, when executed with finesse, can bolster your professional reputation, offering an online platform to spotlight your brand.

Integral Elements to Incorporate in Your Blog

  1. Engaging and Informative Articles
  2. Visually Attractive Promotional Materials
  3. Captivating Imagery, Audio, and Videos
  4. Accessible Contact Information
  5. Educative Slideshows
  6. Comprehensive Training Materials
  7. User-friendly Newsletter Subscription Landing Page
  8. Direct Links to your Social Media Profiles

Your blog should encapsulate all your content in a visually appealing manner, and act as a conduit between your content and other social media platforms you utilize.

Investing in a Professional Hosting Service

The creation of a visually compelling and professional blog necessitates an investment in a reliable hosting platform. It’s essential to steer clear from free hosting services that are ad-reliant and offer limited support and functionality. By opting for a paid hosting service, you can ensure the development of a professional and sturdy blog that mirrors your personal brand and enhances your reputation. I’ve used SiteGround for years without issue.

Choosing WordPress for your Blogging Needs

Choosing WordPress for your Blogging NeedsSelecting WordPress as your blogging platform empowers you with complete control, allowing you to express yourself freely, without apprehensions of unwarranted censorship.

Picking a Professional Theme

Investing in a well-designed and professional theme for your blog is an absolute necessity. Even though it might appear as a significant expense initially, the additional features, robust support, and a sleek design ensure that the investment pays off in the long run.

The Power of Visual Appeal: Customizing Your Blog

In the digital space, aesthetics matter significantly. An attractive blog can capture and hold the attention of your audience, encouraging them to engage with your content. To ensure that your blog is visually appealing:

  • Use high-quality images and videos relevant to your content.
  • Choose a color scheme that reflects your personal brand.
  • Make sure that your text is easy to read by using clear, legible fonts.
  • Ensure that your blog is easy to navigate with a clean and organized layout.

Developing Quality Content: The Heart of Your Personal Brand

Content is king in the digital world. Your blog posts should provide valuable and unique insights that your audience can’t find elsewhere. Make your content engaging by using a conversational tone and incorporating real-life experiences and examples. Remember to be consistent in your content creation. Regularly updating your blog with fresh content can increase your visibility in search engine results and help you to establish a loyal audience.

Optimizing Your Blog for Search Engines

While creating quality content is crucial, it’s equally important to ensure that your blog is optimized for search engines. This involves using relevant keywords in your content, meta descriptions, and title tags. You should also use alt text for images and make sure that your blog is mobile-friendly. Implementing these SEO strategies can help to boost your visibility on search engines and attract more visitors to your blog.

Promoting Your Blog on Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful tools for promoting your personal brand and your blog. Share your blog posts on your social media profiles to reach a larger audience. Encourage your followers to share your posts with their network to increase your visibility. Remember to engage with your followers by responding to their comments and messages. Building a strong social media presence can boost your personal brand and drive more traffic to your blog.

Conclusion: A Strong Personal Brand is Within Your Reach

Boosting your personal brand is a journey that requires time, effort, and persistence. By creating a professional blog, producing quality content, and leveraging social media, you can significantly enhance your personal brand. Remember to stay authentic and true to yourself throughout this journey. Your personal brand should reflect who you are and what you stand for. With determination and consistency, a strong personal brand is within your reach.

Richard Lowe
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Thanks for these tips! I do all these except have a self-hosted site, but that’s been on my radar for a while. It’s just not financially possible yet.


So much awesome advice, I will be putting these to work, THANK YOU!


Yes – a free platform like WordPress.com or Blogger doesn’t give you anywhere near the flexibility – or personal branding as using WordPress.org. And there are so many quality themes – even if you use free ones.

Jilly Prather

Great points. I’ve found that clients want to know what they will get out of your services – their ROI. Listing the benefits for them is what they like to see.

Kim Steadman

Very good points here! My only suggestion for authors would be to hone in a little more on your branding, and your offer. Don’t just offer people to ‘subscribe to my newsletter’. Really, who has time to read another newsletter? And I don’t know many authors or bloggers that have time to generate well thought out, content driven, newsletters. A tripwire, free opt in that offers your readers something of value to me is a much better investment of time both for you and your readers! Also, YES on the professionally hosted website. If you are serious about your business as an author and about branding yourself, then you need to INVEST in yourself with a paid website!


I totally agree! A blog or a more complex website is a must in every business that tries to map itself. And with a good analitycs tool it can tell you a lot about your content.