30 Mar 2017

A Blogger Media Kit will get you Press Exposure

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Your blog should include a blogger media kit as a page on your site. This is also called a media page.

What the heck is a media kit? Why do you need a media kit?

Well, a media kit is a page or more on your blog reserved for information about you, your company, your products and services and your brand.

There are several purposes for a media kit.

  • To provide information to the media which can be used for articles, speaking engagements, interviews and so forth. A vital part of your blog marketing strategy should be to get the attention of the reporters, bloggers, magazines, podcasts, radio shows, and even television. Including a media kit page gives these entities the information they need to do their work. Making it easy for them means it is more likely that you will be featured, and that the information they include will be accurate.
  • Another purpose for a media kit is to give information and statistics needed by advertisers, agents and others.

So you see, the idea is to provide the information needed by the media, advertisers and others so they can find out more about you.

Table of Contents

The media kit page can be pretty long, so use anchor tags (also known as jump links) to create a table of contents. Put this right at the top of the page. To do this, you’ll have to insert a few bits of HTML code yourself. Check out this article for a thorough description of the procedure.

Anchor yourself with easy jump links

Biography or Company Description

Begin your blogger media kit with a biography of yourself or your company. Include some interesting facts and anecdotes, a few quotes of things you’ve said or written and describe enough of your story to inform how you got where you are. Make this fun, entertaining, valuable and interesting. Don’t just duplicate your about page – no sense getting a duplicate content penalty from Google. it’s better to write this in the third person.

Your purpose is to engage your reader, presumably the press or an advertising contact, and give them some interesting things to write about you in their features. Avoid being “salesy” or conservative. Be personable and appear approachable and likeable. If you are an expert at something (or several things) be sure to mention it.

Remember to research and use appropriate keywords to make it more likely that the press will find you in the search engines.

Introduction for Speaking Engagements

Include at least one, and possibly several, introductions that a podcaster, interviewer or radio show host could use to introduce you to their audience. It’s best to include a short, medium, and longer introduction. If you have several different niches, you can include an introduction for each one.

Photos for your Blogger Media Kit

Get some professional photos made and include them on the media page. Put thumbnails on the page, with a larger version displayed if the thumbnail is clicked.


List the media formats you are comfortable with. These include written material, podcasts and radio, television and so on. if you’ve been featured anywhere, include links under each format.

Sample Interview Questions

If you want to give some help to interviewers, include a few (four to six) sample interview questions and answers.


if you have an agent or publicity company, include their contact information here.

Additional Information adds Polish to your Blogger Media Kit

Include anything else that you feel is important. On my media kit page, I include a list, generated automatically by Mooberry Book Manager, of all of the books that I have published. If you sell products, you could include a few samples.


Spend the time to put together a high quality blogger media kit, and use long-tail keywords to help reporters and others who are searching for people with your expertise. By doing this, you’ll make it far more likely that you get interviewed, become featured on podcasts or even appear on television. And media exposure can make the career of any writer or other creative person.


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