07 Nov 2020

Why LinkedIn is the Secret Ingredient


Focus On LinkedInI am a LinkedIn Branding Expert and will write the best LinkedIn profile for you. If you want a professionally written profile, I will work with you to dramatically improve your brand and the way you present yourself. Him.

  • Are you getting frustrated with your job hunt?
  • Do you go on interviews only to be rejected time after time?
  • Are you not getting qualified leads or employers responding to your LinkedIn?

When I left my job of 20 years, I started my own writing business, and found myself losing  jobs without good reason. Finally, I asked a prospect in desperation why he was turning me down. He told me “your LinkedIn looks like garbage. It is not helping you.”

The next day, I called Donna Serdula, bought her package and started on the path towards getting qualified prospects. She and her profile consultants optimized my profile, and within literally a matter of days, I was landing customer after customer, as if by magic. I saw from the results of her work on my own profile that she knew how to create a professional LinkedIn profile.

  • Are you looking for leads for your business?
  • Do you need employers and recruiters to find you from anywhere on the web?
  • Or do you want to ensure that people who search for you on Google or other search engines find you and get the message you want them to hear?
  • Have you created a LinkedIn profile but it’s just a copy of your resume or doesn’t show off your brand at it’s best?

if you answered yes to these questions, you need to get your LinkedIn profile optimized so it is top-notch. A poorly written profile an actually work to drive people away since it is taken as a since of unprofessionalism. On the other hand, a well-written, professionally produced presence on LinkedIn delivers your message, promotes your brand and attracts the correct contacts.

Writing a Great LinkedIn Profile is Challenging

However, writing a great profile can be challenging. There are so many things to be concerned about that it can be confusing and difficult to get started,

  • What kind of photo gets the best results?
  • What does the summary need to say about you?
  • How do you document your experiences?
  • Are projects, honors, and publications important?

On top of knowing how to write a good LinkedIn profile, I am a professional writer and understand exactly how to tell your story. I will take the information from your questionnaire, combined with an interview and use my years of writing experience to show you and your brand in the best possible light.

I can help you create an excellent profile to showcase your message, talent, skills and experience to your audience. Your expert knows which questions to ask to find out the vital information about your brand.

Here’s how the service works.

  1. Pay for the service and fill out the questionnaire here.
  2. Schedule an interview, which requires up to an hour.
  3. I will call you using the phone (if you are based in the US), Skype or Zoom. I’ll interview you to get your goals and your story.
  4. I’ll write your profile within 7 business days and email it to you in Word format.
  5. Look it over, make any changes directly to the Word document, and send it back to me. Schedule a time for us to review your profile together.
  6. We’ll do the review and make any changes needed. The review can take up to an hour.
  7. I can either enter the information directly into your LinkedIn profile, or you can do it yourself.
  8. That’s all there is to it!

What Comes During The Review?

During the interview, we’ll go over your new profile completely, step-by-step.

  • You will get advice on what kind of profile picture is best
  • Your headline will promote your unique skills and what you have to offer
  • Your summary will briefly tell your story and communicate your personal brand
  • All of your other sections will reinforce the message in your summary
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Best Linkedin Profile

Brilliant, though I knew almost all there was to know about LinkedIn there’s two little nuggets in there I didn’t know about! Thanks, Jo, helpful as always.

LinkedIn profile tips

LinkedIn has had a great impact of the process of searching a job over the years. Now there is only one profile enough on the Net in order to find a recruiter to hire you for the company. Now the LinkedIn is the place where you must go all in, like in the poker. However, you cannot bluff because the hirers honor the truth. I think that I think that the tips in the article will be of great use for everyone who wants to make the most of his profile.

Glenda Carlson

It appears that Richard may very well be my go to person on many different levels since he is so well rounded in his knowledge and expertise.

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