Hiring a Ghostwriter: Tips and Advice for Busy Professionals

Take the time to find the right ghostwriter for your book

Hiring a ghostwriter to create quality content for your brandI assume you are a busy professional who wants to write a book, but you don’t have the time, energy, or writing skills to do it yourself. Perhaps you’ve been looking for quite some time but couldn’t find the right fit. Maybe you’ve even worked with a ghostwriter already and were not satisfied with the results. Or perhaps you just don’t know where to start when hiring a ghostwriter.

There’s no question that engaging the services of a ghostwriter can be a large investment of money and time. More importantly, YOUR name will be on the cover, you will be known as the author, and your credibility will be established. A good ghostwriter will take your ideas and concepts and collaborate with you to write an exceptional book. Spend the time up front, before hiring a ghostwriter, to ensure you find the right one for your needs.

What makes me knowledgeable about this subject? Since 2013, I have been working as a ghostwriter and have written over 48 books for my clients. My primary objective is to establish a strong rapport and work collaboratively to create the best possible book that communicates effectively with their readers. You can learn more about me by visiting my page at the Association of Ghostwriters and an interview on the “Self-Publishing Advice” website.

I’ve been featured on over a hundred podcasts, including “The Power of Content” and “Business RadioX“. Previous to my ghostwriting career, I worked as a Vice President of two technology startups, the project manager for the North Las Vegas Valley Water District SCADA system, and then for 20 years as the Director of Computer Operations for Trader Joe’s. As a result of this long experience, I have developed a unique style of collaborating with clients to produce a book that their target audiences love.

So, sit back, grab a cup of your favorite drink, and allow me to address your concerns and give you some practice advice.

Ghostwriting Demystified – The Art of Invisible Authorship

At first glance, ghostwriting may appear straightforward – someone needs to write something and hires a professional to accomplish it. These writers, aptly termed ‘ghostwriters,’ primarily work behind the scenes, garnering no explicit credit for their output. They are remunerated for their expertise, time, and creative effort invested into shaping compelling narratives. These invisible authors function as independent contractors, aiding in materializing your literary visions.

While we refer to the ghostwriter as the writer, the client dons the hat of the content’s author.

The Versatile Canvas of Ghostwriting – Multiple Content Types

Ghostwriters are skilled in creating a broad range of written content. Their versatility knows no bounds, as they can expertly craft:

Books: Ghostwriters can transform an author’s ideas, concepts, and storylines into engaging books, including non-fiction works and novels. Their expertise can shape your thoughts into a compelling narrative that captivates readers.

Individual Chapters in a Book: Sometimes, an author may require assistance with specific chapters in a book. Ghostwriters can step in to provide focused writing support, ensuring that these chapters seamlessly integrate into the overall storyline.

Articles: Be it for print or digital mediums, ghostwriters are adept at creating informative, engaging articles that resonate with your target audience and align with your brand’s voice.

Blog Posts: In the digital era, blog posts serve as powerful tools for brand engagement and audience interaction. Ghostwriters can write effective blog posts that keep your audience intrigued, informed, and coming back for more.

Speeches: Crafting an impactful speech demands a unique set of skills. Ghostwriters can write speeches that convey your message compellingly, ensuring a lasting impact on your listeners.

Song Lyrics and Poems: From heartfelt poems to catchy song lyrics, ghostwriters can wield their creative prowess to create memorable, emotionally resonant pieces.

The extensive scope of ghostwriting ensures that no matter what form of written content you require, a competent ghostwriter can meet your needs, maintain your unique voice, and deliver a piece of writing that engages and captivates your intended audience.

Ghostwriting Unveiled – Why is it Crucial?

In the intricate world of content creation and publishing, ghostwriting holds a pivotal place. It serves as a crucial medium for individuals and brands who have compelling stories to tell but lack the time, writing expertise, or the knack for articulating their thoughts. A ghostwriter ensures that these stories don’t fade away unnoticed but instead find their rightful place in the public domain.

Moreover, ghostwriting is integral in meeting the ever-increasing demand for high-quality, unique content in our information-hungry world. It ensures a steady flow of professionally written content that caters to diverse reader preferences, helping businesses and individuals to stay relevant, visible, and impactful.

The Ghostwriter’s Canvas – What Do They Do?

A ghostwriter is an expert chameleon, adept at adapting their writing style, tone, and voice to match their client’s unique requirements. They take on the mammoth task of transforming ideas, outlines, rough drafts, or even recorded conversations into professionally crafted pieces of content.

Their responsibilities include conducting thorough research to present facts accurately, ensuring the content’s tone aligns with the author’s voice, and creating compelling narratives that engage the readers. They also prioritize maintaining the content’s originality and ensuring it adheres to specified deadlines.

Why Do People Hire Ghostwriters?

People choose to hire ghostwriters for an array of reasons. Here are some of the most compelling:

Lack of Time: Many individuals have compelling ideas but lack the time to put them into words. A ghostwriter can take this task off their hands, delivering high-quality content while they focus on other responsibilities.

Professional Expertise: Not everyone who has a great idea is a great writer. Ghostwriters are professional writers with the skills and experience to transform thoughts into a compelling piece of content.

Fast Turnaround: Ghostwriters can deliver content swiftly, making them an excellent resource for individuals or businesses needing to meet tight deadlines.

Confidentiality: Some clients prefer to keep their identity concealed for privacy or other reasons. Ghostwriters respect this anonymity, offering their writing services without seeking public credit.

Whether it’s due to time constraints, lack of writing skills, or the need for professional-grade content, ghostwriters serve as an invaluable resource, providing high-quality, customized content solutions.

Pros of Hiring a Ghostwriter

Engaging the services of a ghostwriter can present a plethora of advantages. These skilled professionals offer a range of benefits that extend beyond their writing abilities:

Expertise and Experience: Ghostwriters are seasoned professionals in the field of writing. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, understanding what works in content creation and what doesn’t. Their expertise allows them to craft well-structured, engaging, and compelling content that resonates with the intended audience.

Time-Saving: Writing is a time-consuming task. It involves research, outlining, drafting, editing, and finalizing the piece. By hiring a ghostwriter, you save valuable time, allowing you to concentrate on your core responsibilities while the ghostwriter handles the content creation.

Confidentiality: Ghostwriters uphold a high level of professionalism, ensuring your ideas, strategies, and content remain confidential. They write for you, allowing you to maintain the public face of the content, while they stay behind the scenes.

Quality Work: Professional ghostwriters produce high-quality work. They understand the intricacies of grammar, language, and style, delivering error-free, polished content. Moreover, they ensure that the content aligns with your unique voice and message, creating a seamless fit with your existing content.

Fresh Perspective: Ghostwriters, being external to your project or business, can provide a fresh perspective. They can offer new ideas or different approaches to your content, adding value to your project and ensuring the final piece is as engaging and impactful as possible.

The blend of these benefits makes hiring a ghostwriter an excellent option for individuals and businesses alike. They offer a comprehensive solution to your writing needs, delivering high-quality, engaging content tailored to your unique requirements.

A Balanced View – Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter

While engaging a ghostwriter provides numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider potential downsides to make an informed decision. Here are some possible cons of hiring a ghostwriter:

Cost: Quality ghostwriting services often come at a premium. Hiring an experienced, professional ghostwriter can be expensive, especially for long-term or large projects. It’s crucial to consider your budget and assess if the investment aligns with your expected returns.

Lack of Personal Touch: While ghostwriters are skilled at mimicking different writing styles, they may not fully capture the personal nuances of your unique voice or the subtle intricacies of your story. There might be certain aspects of your personal experience or professional expertise that might not fully transpire in the ghostwritten content.

Ethical Concerns: Some critics raise ethical issues around ghostwriting, questioning the fairness of someone else taking public credit for the ghostwriter’s work. It’s essential to understand that professional ghostwriting is a mutually agreed contract, where the ghostwriter willingly trades recognition for compensation.

Communication Issues: Effective communication is paramount in ghostwriting to ensure the final content matches your vision. Miscommunication or misunderstanding can lead to content that deviates from your expectations, requiring revisions and consuming additional time.

Considering these potential downsides helps ensure that your decision to hire a ghostwriter is well-rounded, enabling you to fully leverage the benefits while mitigating possible challenges. It’s always important to weigh the pros and cons to make a decision that best serves your unique needs and circumstances.

Get a Contract (Statement of Work)

Get a contract (sometimes called a Statement of Work). Review it thoroughly. Make sure it has the following clauses at least:

  • Definition of the work – The contract could simply say “a 60,000-word book about lumberjacking” or it could include a complete outline, depending on the project.
  • Fixed price or time and materials – Some books can be well defined and done at fixed price. This is pretty normal for ghostwriting. Others cannot be well defined, perhaps because you need to get the help of the ghostwriter to get that definition. Sometimes the book can be fixed priced, but the research and interviews may be time and materials because the amount of work is unknown. Do what makes sense for you and your project, but make sure it’s in writing in your contract. Most of my projects are done by the word for the book and time and materials for revisions, third-party interviews, and deep research.
  • Payment terms – Usually ghostwriters get paid a down payment before work starts. The remainder can be charged monthly (this is what I usually do), based on milestones, or some other basis. The size of the payments depends on the size of the project.
  • Arbitration – A clause stating arbitration will be used instead of lawsuits is pretty common. This can lower the costs of a lawsuit greatly.
  • Indemnity – Your ghostwriter should include an indemnity clause. This means you will shield them from lawsuits regarding your book. This is only fair, since it’s YOUR book with your words and materials.
  • Termination clause – Ensure you include a clause that you (and your ghostwriter) can back out at any time. The only penalty should be money already paid (ghostwriters do not give refunds as a rule.)
  • Scope changes – This defines what happens when you want to make changes, such as adding a few chapters. Ensure this clause is included, and ensure you are comfortable with it. Generally, your ghostwriter should not “nickel and dime” you for small, trivial changes, and you should not be opposed to additional charges for more work of any significance.

This is a good sample ghostwriting agreement.

Tips for Working with Your Ghostwriter

Embarking on a partnership with a ghostwriter can be a fruitful journey if managed well. Here are some tips to ensure a successful collaboration:

Establish Clear Communication Channels: Open and ongoing communication forms the bedrock of a successful collaboration. Establishing well-defined communication channels is crucial for ensuring your ideas, feedback, and revisions are effectively communicated and understood.

Provide a Detailed Brief: The more information and guidance you provide, the better the ghostwriter can align with your vision. A comprehensive brief detailing your expectations, the project’s scope, preferred style and tone, and any other specifics helps create a clear roadmap for your ghostwriter.

Be Open to Feedback and Revisions: Ghostwriters are seasoned professionals who can provide valuable insights. Be receptive to their suggestions and prepared for revisions to get the best out of the collaboration.

Set Realistic Deadlines: Writing is a creative process that can’t be rushed without compromising quality. Setting achievable timelines acknowledges the ghostwriter’s effort and ensures the quality of work isn’t compromised.

Sign a Contract or Agreement: An official agreement safeguards both parties’ interests. It should outline deliverables, deadlines, payment terms, and any other specific requirements or clauses such as confidentiality and the rights to the content.

The Perfect Match – Finding Your Ideal Ghostwriter

One of the most pivotal aspects of your journey is finding a ghostwriter that resonates with your vision and requirements. It’s a quest for the right fit – someone who understands your needs and can bring your story to life in the most engaging way.

Check their Experience: Ghostwriting demands a specific skill set. Review their past work, check their experience in your content’s genre or field, and assess their ability to mimic writing styles.

Review their Writing Quality: Look for writing samples to judge their quality of work. This will give you an insight into their writing style, language command, and storytelling ability.

Ask for References: A good ghostwriter should be able to provide references or testimonials from previous clients. This can provide further validation of their professional skills and reliability.

Evaluate their Personality: Finally, remember that this is a partnership, so having a rapport is essential. The ghostwriter’s personality should be a good fit with yours. If they are dismissive, belittling, or simply uncooperative, it’s a sign to look elsewhere.

Take the time to interview potential ghostwriters comprehensively. Ask about their specialties, their experience, their working style, and anything else that helps you understand whether they’re the right fit for you.

Remember, your ghostwriter is more than just a writer; they are your partner in this journey of content creation. Thus, ensure they align with your vision, respect your ideas, and are excited to help you tell your story. A well-matched partnership with a ghostwriter can lead to a rich, engaging, and impactful narrative that resonates with your audience and fulfills your content objectives.

The Final Chapter – Ghostwriting Decoded

Navigating the complex landscape of content creation, ghostwriters emerge as powerful allies, bringing expertise, versatility, and confidentiality to the table. They shoulder the responsibility of transforming your ideas into compelling narratives, ensuring your stories resonate with your audience.

While the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter are plentiful – from timesaving to providing a fresh perspective – potential challenges must also be considered. Costs, the possibility of a missing personal touch, and communication issues represent some factors that require attention.

Nevertheless, with careful selection, clear communication, and a well-defined contract, a ghostwriter can become an essential partner in your content creation journey. Whether you’re a business leader, a thought leader, or an individual with a story to tell, a ghostwriter can help amplify your voice, ensuring your messages echo far and wide.

Engaging a ghostwriter is not merely a transaction; it’s about forming a creative partnership that thrives on mutual respect and shared passion for compelling narratives. When effectively harnessed, this partnership can result in high-quality, engaging, and impactful content, resonating with your audience, and fulfilling your content objectives.

In essence, the invisible authors – ghostwriters – represent an underutilized resource, waiting to be explored by those looking to make their mark in the content-driven world. Their skilled pens can translate your visions into a reality, etching your ideas onto the pages of the public domain. So, consider wisely, and you might just find your perfect writing partner in a ghostwriter.

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