Adult Coloring Books: 10 Unexpected and Powerful Benefits

Adult Coloring Books

Butterfly1 colored by Jennifer RutlidgeAdult coloring books – an intriguing concept that not many would have expected to become a phenomenon. Yet, they’ve created a storm in the literary world. A couple of months ago, I took a plunge into this remarkable universe. You see, as an author, I had heard about the rising popularity of adult coloring books. Fellow writers and publishers hailed them as a “hot” niche and numerous products even offered training on creating them. Initially, I was hesitant. How could I bring something new to a market already brimming with countless coloring books, many quickly spun from stock images?

However, I’ve always strived to create high-quality products that I could proudly associate my name with. I didn’t want to produce mere trends or quick commodities; I sought uniqueness. While browsing through my extensive collection of photographs one day, I found just that. My library, hosting almost a million pictures captured over a decade, held a particular treasure – around 400,000 images of belly dancers.

With the discovery of this potential, I envisioned a unique opportunity to not only create an outstanding product but also reconnect with a community I had lost touch with. And so, my journey into creating adult coloring books began, a journey full of challenges, learnings, and fulfilling connections.

The Rising Trend of Adult Coloring Books

bird Scan 0024Adult coloring books have created quite a buzz, popping up virtually everywhere – from local bookshops to prominent online retailers. They’ve even graced the shelves of grocery stores and found a place on newspaper stands. This surge is no accident; it’s a response to a rising global need for relaxation and mindfulness.

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety have become commonplace, seeping into our daily routines. Many adults find themselves searching for outlets to de-stress and disconnect from overwhelming information overload. Here, adult coloring books emerge as a peaceful retreat. They provide an accessible and affordable means of escape, a way to unwind and express creativity at any moment of the day.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the genre has quickly grown in popularity. But it wasn’t just the rising demand for stress relief that contributed to their success. The sheer variety and creativity of the books available on the market have also played a significant part. From intricate mandalas and animal designs to thematic books based on beloved TV shows, films, and novels – there’s a coloring book for every interest.

My aim was to add to this diversity with a unique offering of my own.

Belly Dancing – An Art Form Perfect for Coloring

Belly Dancer 4 Scan 0038As a photographer, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of capturing thousands of belly dancers in action. Their grace, strength, and the sheer beauty of their movements are, in a way, a dance of color and emotion. This made me think – what better subject for a coloring book than the vibrant and dynamic art form of belly dancing?

Belly dance is a captivating dance form, rich in history and culture. It’s filled with intricate movements and expressive gestures. The fluid motions and detailed costumes lend themselves perfectly to the pages of a coloring book.

Through the years, I’ve managed to collect a variety of belly dance photographs. The dances in these images come from all walks of life, each bringing their unique style to this expressive art form. Transferring these images onto coloring pages would give colorists the opportunity to bring these dances to life in their unique way.

Converting Photos to Coloring Pages

Steampunk Dragons 08Turning high-resolution photographs into coloring pages is no small task. It requires a delicate touch and an understanding of both the original image and how colorists might approach the page. It was important to me that these images weren’t merely run through a photo editing software, which could lead to loss of detail or overly simplified designs.

I started by experimenting with automated techniques to convert the photos, but the results left a lot to be desired. The coloring pages generated were far from the quality product I had in mind. This drove me to explore another route – collaborating with artists.

However, finding the right artist proved to be a challenging endeavor. The process involved several trials and errors. Some of the artists I worked with initially couldn’t capture the essence of the images, while others were unable to produce work at a satisfactory pace.

Ultimately, my persistence paid off. I found a talented artist who not only produced beautiful sketches but also maintained a fast work pace. This partnership allowed me to create high-quality coloring books efficiently, while still ensuring each page captured the beauty of the original photographs.

Gaining Permissions

steampunk dragonsBefore proceeding with the project, it was crucial to obtain permissions from all the dancers who would be featured in the coloring book. After all, these were individuals who had trusted me with their images. It was only fair to respect their rights and make sure they were comfortable with their photos being transformed into coloring pages.

Most of the dancers were excited about the idea. They were happy to be part of a unique project that celebrated the art they dedicated themselves to. With their blessings, the project picked up speed.

Publishing and Reception

Once all the permissions were in place, and the illustrations were ready, it was time to publish. To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. What started as a germ of an idea had now come to fruition, and I was about to share it with the world.

The coloring books were published, and to my delight, they were well received. Both the adult coloring community and the dancers featured in the book appreciated the quality of the work. The positive feedback was a testament to the effort and thought put into creating these coloring books.

The success of the first book spurred me on, and I went on to create three more belly dance coloring books. The process, though time-consuming, was rewarding. It filled me with a sense of accomplishment and allowed me to reconnect with a community that I held dear.

The Adult Coloring Book Community

Steampunk Dragons 21While creating these coloring books, I had the chance to interact with the adult coloring book community. Comprising artists, hobbyists, and those who colored for relaxation, this community is a vibrant and supportive space for everyone involved in the adult coloring book industry.

Their feedback was invaluable, providing insights that guided me in refining the books and making them better. Connecting with them also allowed me to understand the different perspectives of those who use these books – from choosing the right kind of paper to the varying preferences for designs.

Future Projects and Holiday Gifts

Encouraged by the response to the belly dance coloring books, I decided to explore other themes for my future projects. While I loved creating the belly dance coloring books, I wanted to offer a wider range of themes to the community.

Moreover, I realized that these coloring books make for wonderful gifts, especially during the holiday season. They are affordable, unique, and provide a creative outlet. As we move into the holiday season, I believe that coloring books will be a popular choice for many seeking meaningful gifts for their loved ones.

You can find my coloring books listed here.

Final Thoughts and Takeaway

Embarking on the journey of creating adult coloring books has been an enriching experience. It was a task that presented several challenges but overcoming them and producing a product that I am proud of has been rewarding. This venture reaffirmed my belief in the importance of quality and uniqueness, especially in a market that’s growing rapidly.

Whether you’re an artist at heart or someone seeking a calming activity, I’d encourage you to explore the world of adult coloring books. And if you’re an author or creator considering this market, remember to bring your unique spin to the table. It’s a journey that promises creative satisfaction and the joy of contributing to a vibrant community.

In closing, I’d like to say, pick up a coloring book and experience the joy of adding a splash of color to your life. You might just find yourself on a journey you never expected, just like I did.

Richard Lowe
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