03 Dec 2017

16 Habits to Break to be More Successful

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Do you have a hard time being successful? Do you run out of time before completing your goals? Does life seem so overwhelming that you can barely keep up?

Perhaps it’s because you’ve accumulated some habits that work against success. Don’t minimize the power of bad habits to sabotage your life.

Here is a short list of habits that you can change about your life that will produce more time and give you more energy to get things done.

  1. Turn off the TV and video games. Sure, there are some great shows on television, and videos games can be fun, but sitting on your couch is not healthy for your body and mind. When you watch television, you are being hypnotized and fed propaganda and advertising. You want to improve your life immediately – turn off the television.
  2. Go outside and breath the fresh air. Go for walks. Meet people. Look at things. Enjoy the beauty. By getting out of the house, you expand your view and relax your mind. Just get out, go to the mall, the local museums or botanical gardens, or the many national parks throughout the country. Believe me, you’ll feel better.
  3. Stop criticizing. When you criticize someone, it makes you look pitiful and weak. Instead, spend your energy building up people who deserve your praise.
  4. Turn off social media except at certain, set-aside times of the day. No one needs to be constantly looking at and posting on their social media. It’s a huge time waster. Set aside a certain amount each day, week or even month, and leave it alone. When you do this, you’ll find you have more time available for productive pursuits.
  5. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and meet them. Set some goals. Even small goals, such as “pay all the bills at the end of the month” can be helpful. Larger goals, such as “go to Disney World at the end of the year” or “pass the exam” are very useful. But make a rule that if you set a goal, you meet the goal.
  6. Give abundantly. When you give, others give back. It’s a basic rule of the universe. Giving creates the baseline for success. You must give BEFORE you can be successful. What kind of giving? In your job, coach a new employee or mentor someone who is having trouble. Give to your church, your community, and volunteer for groups that you believe in.
  7. Get a good job or create one yourself and produce. Be employed. If you can’t find a job, then create your own business. Today, everyone has the internet at their fingertips. You can use it to sell products, even hobbies. When I was young, I walked from house-to-house to sell seeds to earn enough money for my own toys. Earning your own living gives you a feeling of accomplishment and freedom.
  8. Pay your bills and taxes. Pay your debts, including your taxes, on time. You’ll feel better without the financial pressure.
  9. Don’t get too deep in debt. Don’t get more debt that you can afford, and build up a savings so minor problems don’t become dire emergencies.
  10. Get continuously educated. Always be working on your education. Take classes, get certifications, read books. The more you learn, the better you will become.
  11. Stop doing anything that is harmful to you or others. Give up your bad habits – you know what they are. drinking to excess, smoking (anything), illicit drugs, pornography, gambling, spending too much money, and so forth. All of these bring you down, cost you money, and make you miserable.
  12. Practice daily random acts of kindness. Every day make a point to do something good for someone. This could be as simple as paying for someone’s groceries or meal at a restaurant, or carrying bags to a car. Just do something nice for someone.
  13. Find something you believe in and support it. Find something you are passionate about and get involved. Some examples: saving the whales, getting people to vote or volunteering at the local soup kitchen.
  14. Brush and floss daily. You like being in extreme pain? You enjoy visiting the dentist? No? Then brush your teeth and floss twice a day. Just do it.
  15. Understand that everything said on the internet is suspect and act accordingly. Take the attitude that everything you read on the internet is false until proven otherwise.
  16. Validate everything with facts before acting. People lie all the time. Don’t act on hearsay, rumor or gossip. Research and confirm facts for yourself.
  17. And here’s a bonus: One of the biggest bad habits is to be unhappy or negative.  Remember to have fun! Life is meant to be enjoyed. Read a good book. Lay back under a tree and look at the clouds. Talk to a stranger at the mall. Go to a movie at a theater or watch a play.

I hope this has been helpful.

Share your successes in the comments.

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