17 Sep 2017

10 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer

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Freelance writers can help you by freeing up your time and writing professional copy for your social media, blog, or books.

Most people don’t like to write for many reasons. Your own internal staff may be very skilled and professional, but odds are that unless you specifically hired writers, you won’t find any who will volunteer to write that eBook or blog for you. And even if you do, you probably won’t get a high quality product, since their training and experience are in different directions. For example, the technicians who designed your website are probably the last people you want to hire to write the copy.

That’s where a freelance writer can help. They have the experience and skills needed to get your writing jobs done.

Some reasons to hire freelance writers include:

  1. Professional writer – A freelancer is a professional. Of course, there are those just getting into the field and those who have decades of experience, and it’s up to you, when you are interviewing them, to determine if they will work out. However, freelancers are in business to make a living, so you should expect (and demand) a high level of respect and professionalism from them.
  2. Saves time – Hiring a freelancer to do work for you saves time. You may not have the staff to get something written or lack the time to do it yourself. Hiring a freelancer gets around this limitation.
  3. Diverse experience – You can find freelancers with just about any time of knowledge or experience you need. For example, I am knowledgeable about the Internet of Things, so if you wanted white papers or even a book about this subject, I’d be a good match. If you wanted someone experienced in romance, you’d certainly be able to find freelancers who could help in that area.
  4. Can be hired quickly – Freelancers are always looking for business, and usually they can be hired to meet any schedule. This can help if you don’t have available staff or you need something written urgently.
  5. Doesn’t apply to your staffing budget – In most companies, the money to fire freelancers comes out of a different budget than that used for staff. This can help you get around budget constraints.
  6. Consistently good results – Freelancers, if they are any good, want to get your business for the long term. This gives them a huge incentive to deliver quality work.
  7. Let them go quickly – On the other side of the coin, if a freelancers work is substandard, you can just let them go (depending on how your contract is written).
  8. Can work remote – You can find freelancers anywhere on the planet, and with modern technology such as Skype and other tools, they can get your work done from any location. I’ve written LinkedIn profiles for people in South Africa, the Ukraine, and many other countries remotely. All of the work was done over the internet.
  9. They want your business – Freelancers are always looking for new business, and they will go the extra mile to try to earn yours. I’m not recommending that you take advantage of them, but you will find freelancers are willing to give your service for the money than hiring from big firms or using internal staff.
  10. Personalized service – Freelancers work directly for you, and will tailor their service to meet your requirements. You can often get faster service, weekend hours, or specialized tasks as needed. All you need to do is ask.

So if you need help with a writing project, look around and find a qualified freelancer. Expect to pay competitive rates (you get what you pay for) and you’ll get good service – and if you don’t get the service you desire, you can always let them go and find another freelancer to do the job.

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Angela Waterford

You’re right about saying that freelance article writers are professional which is why I trust them to write about personal finance for my company’s website. I think that they can save us a lot of time which is why I am considering to hire someone. Since they have a diverse experience with different clients, I’m sure they can use this to give us the best article we can get for their services.

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